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Asset Protection

Financial Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements are commonly used in family law and referred to as “relationship insurance”.

With more than 47,000 divorces in Australia every year couples are choosing to isolate assets and income to protect themselves from uncertainty in the event of a separation. This is aimed at reducing the likelihood of a family law matter occurring, with litigation expense attached.

You are able to provide instructions about assets or income that you wish to quarantine in the event of a separation. You will be provided with advice as to the likelihood of a binding agreement. You will also receive advise as to the best use of these agreements. We provide set price financial agreements either before, during or after commencement of a relationship, either de-facto or marriage to which the Family Law Act is, or will be, applicable.

You will receive full advice and also referrals to appropriate practitioners to witness these.

If you have any queries regarding asset protection and / or financial agreements, please contact TML Family law, Melbourne family lawyers for a 15 minute free initial telephone consultation.


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