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TML Family Law Pricing

Uncertainty in pricing can be a significant barrier to people seeking and obtaining family law legal advice. For this reason, we have sought to reduce overheads and provide set fee pricing for family law services. 


We offer a free 15 minute no obligation phone call directly with Tanya Lavan. Please click the link to request a free call back at a time that suits you. You will not be emailed, called or followed up afterwards if you don’t wish to engage. You will receive contact details in the event you wish to have this information for the future. The purpose of this call is to advise you whether you have a family law claim, whether you should access different legal advice, and whether you think that the firm is a good fit for you. Trust in your advisor is one of the most important aspects of a family law service. 

You will be provided with partner level service at a lower rate, due to a paperless office, virtual office services and reduced overheads. 

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